Йога и православие патриарх кирилл

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Йога и православие патриарх кирилл — SportReview
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КАЙРОС 11.09.2018 - 10:56

дует он в свою ду ду и пальцем грозит.мол видите православные, что твориться вокруг и не дай то боже туда сунетесь,сразу не наши будете.тем самым опуская людей на нижние контуры(( ничего нового! а то что и там и тут есть общие вещи и говорить не хочет-не в его интересах это,

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Alfonso Dante 14.09.2018 - 07:40

Uninteresting talks devoid of any real conversation, or profound truth, designed to increase a false image of a woman desperate to make a name for herself in a sick world. It feels wonderfully liberating to be free of this pretentious hippy crap that she still holds so dearly to her chest. But, well that s India for you! Bunch of stinking, scammy street whores desperate for a rupee. Just as well the Ruskies took Goa over, but hey it is still a filthy toilet, one of the most unpleasant destinations for a civilised man or woman. Hey everyone! This is the life she chose when she abandoned her daughter some years ago, and now claims not to be able to work. Instead she whores from other guys (and girls too) to fund her way around the world. Hosting her at my place left me in considerable debt, while she slept fourteen hours a day, smoked and drank and took drugs (hey all cool), while annoying the neighbours by talking loudly in Russian at 2 and 3 am. I had to pay for everything as she had no money. I later found out that she DID have some money and was using me as she used them. Now I am going to warn her contacts one by one about this filthy con artist with not an ethical bone in her (quite fit) body. Man she almost had me fooled for a minute. But I tracked her anyway, from recorded skype conversations to hidden cams in apartments in Berlin where we first met one another and fell in love. Meanwhile she was seeing strangers behind my back, all the time claiming it was only for WORK. But guess what ladies and gentlemen.what work we are talking about here.further details will be available in my forthcoming online book Vesta Vesta - A legacy of Lies by Indro Marcantonio. Stay tuned bitches. Over and Out. P.s She really is quite an interesting person, though without much energy or anything real to offer. Good luck x

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